Peer Analytics is focused solely on assisting property-casualty, health, and life insurance clients with investment oversight. Our clients range in size from approximately $100 million to over $100 billion. Following is a brief description of some of the services we provide.


PeerTrac: Performance Evaluation | Benchmarking
Performance evaluation incorporating insurance company peer universes, equity and fixed-income style universes, and state-of-the-art equity risk analysis.   Read More


Dynamic Financial Analysis  DFA/ALM 
Stochastic scenario modeling integrating the effects of underwriting risk, leverage, and asset risk on surplus, net income and capital requirements.   Read More


DFA Peer Risk Analysis
A time and cost-efficient annual DFA review that assesses both client company and peer company risk postures.  Designed to enhance annual risk communication with board members charged with investment oversight.   Read More


DFA / ALM Models
Cloud-based, user-friendly, transparent, flexible yet robust, models designed to be easily vetted.


Equity Risk Models
Robust assessment of equity manager/portfolio’s absolute and relative performance. Performance is attributed to Passive Risks — market risk (beta) and sector exposure (the normal portfolio) — and Active Risks — security selection (more predictive) and market timing (deviation from the normal portfolio, less predictive).   Read More